Use Cloth / Jute Bags to Reduce Polythene Bag

Topics: Plastic shopping bag, Clothing, Polyethylene Pages: 3 (491 words) Published: June 3, 2011

Pollution from Polythene In this age of computers and Internet, Use and Throw culture is the order of the day. You use anything and after using it, throw it away. Polythene pollution has drastically disturbed everyman’s life style. Polythene material can be seen spread over in the streets, in the neighborhood, in the rivulets, river-banks of the small or big rivers. Even Ganga, Yamuna and other rivers all are covered with a thick layer of polythene material.. Degradation of polyethne is a great challenge

I am propagating against the use of plastic bags and
showing you the alternatives like jute bags and clothe bags. If we carry our own bags to shop we can reduce half of plastic waste. Shop owners keep polythene bags keeping in mind that some one may come without any bag in case of emergency. But all people are coming to shop with empty hands to get free polythene bags.  Public say many irrational reasons for not using cloth bags. The funny responses go like this…..

 1.We don’t have enough time/money now.
2. Why can’t you go and close those polythene factories.
3. Others should also follow not alone by me.
4. It is government’s job to ban plastic bags.

 I am giving the details of various bags I am using in my day to day life.

1.    One jute bag is kept at main door to receive milk, paper and other things.

2.    We are using one bag tied with rope to lift provisions from ground floor.

3.    I keep one cotton bag in my bicycle.

4   I have kept one bag made with used dress to put used paper and old magazines.

5.    I have kept 2 cotton bags for the toys of my sister.

6.    I put my lunch box and empty Tiff in box in small bags while going to school

7.     My father are keeping electric heater in a cloth bag.

8.     I will put my school uniform is kept in one cotton bag.

9.     I keep all my socks in separate cotton bag.

10.     We keep all story books in one white jute bag....
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