Victoria Secret

Topics: Choice, Decision making software, Lingerie Pages: 1 (410 words) Published: October 10, 2010
Victoria’s Secret is all about keeping the brand hip. Victoria Secret does offer lingerie, but also has a lot of signature clothes, such lounge pants, t shirts, hoodies, and sleepwear that targets young shoppers. Pink is a big brand in the market, it’s very fashionable and satisfying to customers. A typical Pink customer is young and fashionable, and they make their buying choices from their personal influences. Pink offers sexy, comfortable, playful, lounge wear for usually anyone eighteen and older. The buyer decision process is for when a consumer faces a new and complex purchase situation. The first step is need recognition. The need can begin when someone either sees and advertisement or talks with a friend and it triggers the need. The second step is Information Search. An interested consumer may or may not search for more information on a product. If a consumer’s drive is strong and a satisfying product is at hand, the consumer is more likely to buy the product. The third step is evaluation of alternatives. This is how the consumer process information to arrive at brand choices, and its how a consumer makes a choice of buying one product over maybe two others. The fourth step is purchase decision. This is when the consumer purchase decision will be the brand the prefer. It’s when someone tells you it would be better to buy the lowest priced car, and your chances of buying an expensive car are reduced. Post purchase behavior is the fifth step in the buyer process. This happens after the consumer has bought the product, they decide whether the brand is satisfying. For a Victoria’s Secret consumer buys a Pink brand such as a hoodie the consumer does goes through the buyer decision process. At first the consumer has to have a need for a new hoodie. Their drive for buying a new hoodie might be its cold outside, and would a like a new hoodie to keep warm. They then, would research about Pink hoodies, the consumer may have a friend who has one of the hoodie...
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