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It could be the pleasantly plump girl in the excessively tight shorts that give her the kind of muffin top that isn’t appetizing. Maybe it’s the woman at the Wal-Mart check-out that’s wearing leggings with panty lines as bold as brass, or the 60 year-old granny in the 6-inch stilettos and smudged lipstick. Face it; everyone has sighted those individuals who dress inappropriately in public. It’s something that most people notice, judge, but don’t say anything because they can’t be rude. Thus, the Clothing Curator was created to be the ‘bad guy’ that’s actually doing the world a favor.

In a modern day age, it seems like society struggles to choose suitable attire for everyday life. More often than necessary, walking down the street is a fanfare of clowns rather than people. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinions about their own apparel, but that doesn’t mean their opinion isn’t wrong. And if that person on the street can make someone else feel uncomfortable just by catching it out of the corner of their eye, their outfit of choice is probably inapt. Also, obviously everyone can’t afford the latest fashion trends or new things and that is completely understandable. What isn’t understandable is when people knowingly (or unknowingly) select clothing that doesn’t fit properly or isn’t appurtenant to their age. In a society that is obsessed with youth, women often feel the need to keep themselves looking younger when in reality they end up looking ridiculous instead.

Casey Chambers was born in the big city of Los Angeles, California in January of 1990. Her father, Charles was a rich CEO that abandoned his family for another woman when Casey was about five years old. She had few memories with him as he was normally working all hours of the day and at night, but she did remember the night he left both her and her mother with neither financial nor emotional support. Many nights Casey would hear her mother, Anna in the next room sobbing miserably,...
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