What Is Feasibility Study

Topics: Clothing, Washing, Laundry Pages: 1 (232 words) Published: December 13, 2014
Name: _________________________________ Age: _____ Gender: ________ Civil status: ___________ Note: Kindly answer the following.

1. Do you wash you’re laundry? (naglalaba ka ba ng iyong marumi/hinubad?) A. YesB. NoC. Not often
2. How often do you use to laundry your clothes? (gaano ka kadalas maglaba?) A. 3 to 4 times a weekB. Twice a weekC. EverydayD. Not even 3. What kind of person are you in society? (anung stado mo sa komunidad?) A. StudentB. Single workingC. Married w/familyD. Other _________ 4. What do you think about laundry business?(anu palagay mo sa negosyo ng paglalabada) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Have you tried to enter and try their services?(nasubukan mo na ba ang mag-palaundry?) ______________________________________________________________________________ 6. If yes, what kind of laundry works will satisfy you? (kung oo, anung serbisyo ng paglalaba ang hanap mo?) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. Are you satisfied with the detergents and soaps that laundry shop used? Or are you prepare to provide your own? (sang-ayon ka bas a sabon na ginagamit ng laundry shop? O mas gusto mong sayo nang gagaling and sabon na gagamitin?) ______________________________________________________________________________ 8. How often you go to laundry shop? (gaano ka kadalas nagpapalaundry?) A. Once a weekB. twice a weekC. Once a monthD. Others __________ 9. What range of prices do you expect per services? (magkano ang inaasahan mong presyo sa pagpapalaundry?) Dry cleaning ___________Curtain Cleaning _________Suede and Leather __________ Hand wash ___________White ___________

Thank you for your help have a great day a head.
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