Why Students Should Wear Uniforms

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Are school uniforms good or bad? This question has created debates in many schools. There are many different reasons for school uniforms. Some say that school uniforms represent discipline and obedience while others say it prevents creativity and individuality. The following essay will explain the advantages and disadvantages of uniforms.

If your school doesn’t have uniforms, you have experienced those days when you couldn’t decide what to wear. With Uniforms, you wouldn’t spend time in the morning choosing what to wear. You will pay less attention on clothes and you can concentrate more on your studies. Uniforms help us to develop self-discipline and obedience. If you go to a job interview wearing baggy clothes, most probably you wouldn’t get the job.

Another advantage of wearing uniforms is that students won’t buy fashionable and expensive clothes which will save money. Also, wearing uniforms can help some students to avoid uneasiness from the side of their classmates. Sometimes students feel embarrassed if they are wearing cheap clothes. They will feel comfortable if everybody is wearing the same thing. It might be annoying for some people if they wear the same thing everyday.

Uniforms prevent originality of a student. If you wear the clothes you want, it might show your personality and give you confidence. Some students want to be different than others. Uniforms makes you blend with others. The people who are different than others are usually the creative ones.

I do not prefer uniforms because they are uncomfortable. If you are uncomfortable during school, it would be hard for you to study. It would be difficult to play sports and games in uniforms. In your casual clothing you have the freedom to wear clothes of your own choice. This is why many people prefer normal clothes.
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