Wife - Judy Syfers

Topics: Woman, Writing, Question Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: January 5, 2014
 The chosen text is about talks about a certain social group, wives, and the desires to have a wife. Judy Syfer comments on how wives are to be appreciated and respected in today’s generation. Because wives are often unappreciated, for what they do and what they do is more than what their counterparts do; women are being treated unequal to men. She is aware that wives are not respected before, not as much as how they are now. The purpose of Judy writing this is to emphasize on how wives should be highly regarded on what they do to contribute to their family. In addition to that, she is a woman who knows that wives struggle to obtain equal rights in the community. The structure of the text holds a distinct way on how it is written. Each paragraph talks about different scenarios where wives perform many different tasks in their daily life. Judy focuses on one scene and explains it throughout the whole paragraph. The writer uses a style characterized with simplicity. Also, she mentions her encounter with a male friend of hers “fresh from a recent divorce,” she introduces her major proposition — wives are taken for granted. Then she supports the argument with seemingly trivial things from daily life, which are carefully arranged so as to contribute to the conclusion. The humor also lies in its structure because the writer is being sarcastic throughout the text. It is as if that she is trying to bring the message across by writing one-sentence phrases. This is so the reader would get what the writer is trying to bring across and receive the information much easily. The stylistic devices are the repetitions. Each sentences begins with “I want a wife who…” The purpose of this is to continuously inform the readers that the writer wants a wife. This does not mean that the writer wants a wife but she is trying to encourage people to appreciate their wives so both sides would live comfortably and avoid any conundrums. Aside from that, the writer also adds in a rhetorical...
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