Worker Safety Case Study

Topics: Employment, Occupational safety and health, Management Pages: 4 (412 words) Published: January 24, 2015

Worker Safety Case Study
Bus 3040
Tonya Patterson
January 24, 2015

With the available information, do a simple technic of operations review of the chlorine gas incident at IHOP. (An explanation of this review is found on page 89 of your textbook.) What should the restaurant's management learn about how to protect employees and customers? The restaurant managers should learn how to do a technic of operations review to determine what specific element of the job led to the accident. They must establish the facts surrounding the incident and speak with the employee that was involved in the initial accident. They must come to an agreement on the failure that led to the accident and the factors that contributed to the accident (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, Wright, 2014). The managers should also talk directly with its employees about job hazards and safety.

How do you think the restaurant's management could have prevented the incident from happening? What could managers do to create a safer kitchen environment? I think the managers could have provided training on the proper way to mix and not mix chlorine based products, they should have also done training based on age groups. They should have also placed memos as reminders of job safety. They should also provide bilingual training for the employees that speak a different language. They can also provide a safety hazardous book on site listing all safety check lists. To create a safer kitchen environment they should provide training on safety and chemical mixing (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, Wright, 2014).

When a business hires teens, rather than only experienced workers, do you think it has a greater obligation to protect their safety and health? Why or why not? I do believe that when a business hires teens, rather than experienced workers they have a greater obligation to protect their safety and health. My reasoning would be to age and experience levels. A...
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