Workplace Wardrobe: Dress for Success

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Plan documents
1. What is the purpose of your document?
The purpose of the document is to provide potential or existing employees with dress policy that they have to comply in the workplace. 2. What format did you choose and why?
The complex document (ie. dress policy) will be written in a form of written presentation or power point. I choose to do so because a presentation is more visually engaging to the audience and thus, easier for audience to understand. In addition, by using a written presentation, I am able to break down points into several headings which allow me to convey message in a more effective method. 3. How will this document be communicated with your audience? This document is communicated in the beginning of every employee induction. This document represents a fundamental policy in the workplace that everyone has to comply. If employees were found to disregard the dress policy, they will be imposed to penalty or even termination of contract. 4. How will you categorize the information? What will be the logical sequence of information? The written presentation starts with the purpose of the dress policy, application of the policy to the workplace and importance of appropriate clothes to health and safety issues. Finally, the document is ended with examples of acceptable and unacceptable attires.

Draft Document
1. Purpose of the Policy
Standard of dress in ABC company workplace
Ensure that dress is not offensive
2. Application of the Policy
Applies to employees and contractors of ABC company
Use good judgment to show coworkers by dressing in an appropriate manner Workers may ask operational manager for further questions
3. Health and Safety
If any clothing forms potential hazard to health and safety, ABC company may take whatever action to resolve the issue Workers may leave the workplace
Workers are expected to comply in any situation
4. Acceptable Attires – men and women; cultural or religious beliefs...
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