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Topics: Seminole, New York City, Florida Pages: 1 (500 words) Published: October 20, 2014
A. Imagine yourself as an upcoming senior who will have to attend the new school. You have been given the floor for two to three minutes to share your feelings with the school board and attendees of the meeting. As you take the microphone you must answer questions 1 through 4 within your two- to three-minute commentary. Remember that your objective is to persuade your audience. Please be sure that you are writing in complete sentences. 1. How would you name the school? What would be its mascot? Explain your choices. I would name the school relating to historical figures or historical characters because it reminds people of the state’s history. My idea for a name of the school is Florida Seminole Tribe High School. My mascot would be ants because yaks are not common in the state of Florida unlike ants. 2. Why do you think symbols like a name or mascot are so important to the people of the city? Why would it be important to the students? These symbols like a name for the school or mascot are important to the people of the city because these symbols will remind the people of Florida’s history and shows what contributes to the state. It is important to the students because the students will have a knowledge of their state’s history which will give them an idea on how their school and state were developed. 3. What are two goals you could recommend the new principal to consider when opening up the new school? Two goals that I would recommend the new principal to consider when opening up the new school are to give an explanation to the students, parents and teachers the reason why they named the school the name that was given, also to give an explanation why they chose that particular school mascot that will be selected. 4. Identify two challenges that principal may have in achieving those goals? One challenge that the principal may have in achieving those goals are that there may be complaints from parents and students concerning the name given for the new school....
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