World History Chapter 13 questions

Topics: Byzantine Empire, Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire Pages: 2 (736 words) Published: October 1, 2014
Questions-The silk roads & Byzantium
1 It helped set the stage because long distance trade was happening between east and west Asia already which brought the influence and beginning of silk roads. 2 The fine spices-cloves, nutmeg, mace, and cardamom came from Southeast Asia. Ginger came from China and Southeast Asia, pepper from India, and sesame oil from India, Arabia, and Southeast Asia. Central Asia produced large, strong horses and high-quality jade. The Roman Empire came glassware, jewelry, works of art, decorative items, perfumes, bronze goods, wool and linen textiles, pottery, iron tools, olive oil, wine, and gold and silver bullion. 3 The Silk Road facilitated the spread of all three religions since the Silk Road was a trade route. Although the Silk Road was made to trade only silk, many other things were traded in that road as well. All societies came together which because and during that, they took back Hinduism and Christian ideas, spreading them to many places. 4. The rise of Manichaeism shows a good example of the relationship between long distance trade and the spread of religion because the fact that Mani was in a Persian society and already had a religion that society only wanted to believe in their one and only religion. But many, being along the Silk Road, he shows how he has a better opportunity of spreading his religion through the Silk Road since in the Silk Road many people from different places come and leave back with new ideas. 5. The long term effects of these diseases were the problem the silk road became since the silk road was a trade route, it became an easy way to spread diseases throughout all cities. It grew through China traveling through other places, which was called the black death pandemic. 6. China's culture change because, after the decline of the Han dynasty nomadic people increasingly adapted to the Chinese culture and there was a change in believe system from Confucianism to Buddhism 7. The Roman authority...
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