World Without Textiles

Topics: Clothing, Earth, Social responsibility Pages: 2 (328 words) Published: October 6, 2011
Lindsey Johnson-Daniel

Dr. Brantley

FMM 301: Fashion Creativity & Ideas


A World without Textiles

Textiles are one of the most important needs of mankind. It is bought and sold many times over, and has been used almost as long as mankind has been on Earth. Without it we are exposed – showing ourselves physically, and showing our psyches.

Textile means a material consisting of a network of natural or artificial fibers often referred to as thread or yarn. Without these resources today we would not be able to manufacture clothing such as shirts, pants, or almost anything else worn or covering the body (including accessories). A world without textiles simply means that the use of the factor must be replaced by a new, reliable source that can be sculpted in almost the same way. It must be something that is easily accessible, made, worn, and must be able to adapt to the climate based upon the environmental surroundings. There are many resources that fit this description, but only one is new, innovative, or even revolutionary – human hair.

I envision a world where people can change their clothes easily, dye them, and make it into thread if they wanted to. Besides, hair is already a multi-billion dollar industry just for people to wear on their heads. The population can use something that will not hurt the environment and will keep the Earth healthy. It is something like corporate social responsibility – but with humans and the planet. It is a never ending resource, with many textures and lengths.

We all wear clothes, mostly to cover ourselves up, just like all humans have hair. But clothes are also an art, an expression of us, and we all wear them for cultural reasons. Hair allows each of these things to be addressed, and comes with an excess of styles. At the end of the day we are satisfying our physical and mental need for textiles with something new.
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