write an essay that explores what your fashion statements (from past and present) “identify” about you

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Using the two articles, “Labels, Clothing, and Identity: Are You What You Wear” and “Fashion& Social Identity: A cultural Phenomenon” show the connection between one’s identity and fashion choice. The two articles reveal how people’s choices of fashion define who they are in terms of gender, race, nationality, culture, and ethnicity. In my own case, I have noticed that these fashion markers of who I am are deeply related to the context (time and place) and are often used to present more prominently certain aspects of who I am. According to Kratz et all (1998), “fashion can be defined as a cultural phenomenon as it is concerned with meanings and symbols, thus is an instantaneous mode of direct, visual communication. Fashion enables us to make statements about ourselves and our identities, with the use of clothes, accessories and/or other physical items, enabling us to visually communicate who we are, who we’d like to be, and what kind of social group we belong to and who we are most likely not to be associated”. Without saying a word, when people look at the kind of clothes that I wear, accessories, and some other physical items that I put on, it is easy for them to know what group I belong and who I am likely to be associated with. For example, if I’m going a party and we’re told to wear booty shorts and pint tank tops. On the appointed day, if I show up at the venue wearing my lovely long skinny jean with a pink T-shirt, some people will look at me and whisper questions among themselves asking if I was not aware of the dress code . While some may even be thinking I can’t afford the booty short and the pink tap top, others will actually think of the right reason(s) why I might be wearing a different outfit other than the expected one. However, my reason is neither because I can’t afford the outfits nor because I wasn’t present during the announcement but because my culture forbids me from wearing outfits that exposes my body. This leads to the saying, “show...
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