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EN 103: Paper #1


Paper #1: Charitable Practices?
The poet A.R. Ammons tells us that “Anything looked at closely becomes wonderful.” Yet, what if the beauty of a common action seemed to disappear upon careful inspection? In his provocative essay "How Susie Bayer's T-Shirt Ended Up on Yusuf Mama's Back," George Packer shows us what actually happens when we give our clothes to charitable organizations like the Salvation Army. Upon learning more about this common practice, how do you regard this practice according to your knowledge and experience? As you compose an essay response, consider how the following may shape your response: - How do you define charity and what defines a charitable act? - How can something be trash and have value at the same time? -The story behind the story of a t-shirt: "monstrous injustice" (as merchant Fred Tumushabe calls it on page 3), imperialism, economic opportunity, and/or a portrayal of the "global village"? - What do the givers gain or lose in this charitable act? What do the recipients gain or lose? Like many of the questions we ask, these items are tools for you to approach a problem from various angles rather than a formula for what would constitute a “complete” essay. Your essay should remain grounded in Packer’s text, as well as other academically acceptable sources dealing with this topic. Personal experience is a valid source, but it cannot serve as the sole basis for your analysis.

"How Susie Bayer's T-Shirt Ended Up on Yusuf Mama's Back" by George Packer. Questions to help you Analyze Paper Assignments 1 of 2

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EN 103: Paper #1


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