Wrk on Logos and Rangoli

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Logo mein TWIST !
Logo mein TWIST is a rangoli making competition.
* Participants have to make a rangoli of a logo of a corporate company * The participants will get the corporate logo on the spot * While making the the rangoli the participants are required to copy the design of the logo, but to have to make a change or a twist in the color combination of the logo given.

1. Particpants can use the following to make the rangoli
Colors, flowers,colored rice,candles or diyas

2. Participants are required to make their rangoli purely from one of the above material Eg- team using flowers to make their rangoli are not allowed to use colors or candles 3. The participating team should have 2-4 members

4. Judgment would be made on creativity and Neatness
5. The duration of the competition is 2 hours
6. Participants are requested to bring their own material 7. The minimum size for the rangoli is 25 by 25 inches the maximum size is 40 by 40 inches 8. The last date for registration is 28 th October

On the spot registration will be entertained

Have your own club
* This is a t-shirt painting competition
* Participants are supposed to imagine a club of their own and design a t-shirt for that club.

1. The club shouldn’t be a real existing club and should be a creation of the participant’s imagination 2. Participants are free to select the theme of their club 3. Participating team should have 1-2 members.

4. Participants are required to form a logo and a caption for their club and paint it on the t-shirt . Participants must also paint cognizance 2010 on the t-shirt
5. Participants will be judged on
* Creativity
* How the theme is expressed
* How wearable is the t-shirt
* Logo and caption
6. Participants can use any type of paints or colors
7. Participants are not allowed to use any kind of ready made object to paste or attach to the...
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