Ykk (Zippers)

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Location: Japan
Established in 1934
Capital: 11,992,400,500yen = $144.4844 million
Products: 7.2 billion zippers a year
Countries: 71 countries
Market share: 45% of the market share.
Employees: 39,000
Sales: 556,400 million yen= $ 6.7 million
YKK also has the world’s largest zipper manufacturing center located in Macon, USA

The history of zippers:
It was invented in 18th century and was called fastner.
Ww1: One of the first large customers for this fastener was the U.S. Army and the fastener was used in apparel and gear for U.S soldiers in World War One. 1930's: Clothing with zippers was seen as inappropriate for women because the clothing could be taken off quickly. Many religious leaders frowned on the use of zippers for this reason, and zippers were found mostly in men's and children's apparel for a number of years. 1920’s:

How did the fastener get the name 'zipper'? A company wanted to use the new fasteners on its rubber boots. An executive trying out a prototype of the boots by sliding the fastener up and down, and said, "Zip'er up!" emulating the sound made by the fastener. Thus the name zipper came into being.

The story of YKK:
In 1935, a 24 year old Tadao Yoshida was working for a company producing zippers. While he was impressed by the product, his employer went bankrupt. In 1936 Yoshida founded the company that is today YKK. When the company purchased a chain machine from the U.S. that allowed the automation of the zipper making process. Previously, YKK zippers were made by hand. Now is the America`s top supplier of zippers and other fastening devices such as snaps and buttons. Products:

The first company to introduce its new Conceal brand that does not show the teeth of the zippers. YZip was the first zipper for jeans.

2007 YKK was fined 150.3 million Euros by the European Commission for participating in cartel behaviors.

The YKK Group targeting zero emissions at all its global production sites by...
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