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a) What kinds of products are marketed through

Zalora Malaysia offered various kind of product including the apparel of women, men and kids. The products marketed in Zalora Malaysia categorised into shoes, clothing, sports, accessories, beauty, and lifestyle.

b) Give some comments and critique on the owners of with regards to their entrepreneurial characters.

The entrepreneurial character that owned by Zalora enabled its branch opened in Malaysia. Zalora understand the need of their customer as they hired local entrepreneur that have talent in fashion designing to join their team. By hiring those talented local people, Zalora can meet the customers need and wants. The existence of Zalora in Malaysia also provide job opportunity for those who have talent in fashion designing. They also welcomed people to be part of them by offering jobs such as marketing executives, financial planner, marketplace manager and many more. The bad side of Zalora is they put the price of the product to pricey. Some of their product is too expensive as normal people could not afford the items. There is description provided for each item but there is no reviews made on the item, no direction on how to use and full details is not included. Since Zalora is online shopping store, customers cannot see or touch the products so the details of each product should be shown to prove that the products are totally safe to use and genuine.

c) In your opinion, what factors will guarantee the survival of in the future?

In my opinion, the main factor that will guarantee the survival of Zalora Malaysia is the product of Baju Kurung and Baju Melayu that offered by the store. Baju Kurung is well known as it is one of main clothes wore by Malaysian women so they hired local people to design the clothes. It is a good method since Malaysia still has few of local designers. Other than that, Zalora offered various kind of product...
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