a sound of thunder

Topics: Byzantine Empire, Constantinople, Roman Empire Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: January 17, 2014
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1. What might have happened if Justinian had not survived the Nika Revolt?  (Hint: See sub-section “Able Advisors” on page 224) If Justinian had not survived the nika revolt, the byz. Empire would not have reached its height. Justinian code stable society and made honest government stronger. Also he build aye Sophia that was the center of the Christian world

2. How might the Byzantine military have been affected by a bad economy?  (Hint: See sub-section “Strengths of the Empire” on page 224) What might happens If the byzantine military have been affected by a bad economy, the empire will fall down. The military forces will not be trained well and it will not have a strong navy. They will not have the Greek fire that flames the other ships.

3. What factors contributed to the division of the Christian Church?  (Hint: See sub-section “The Christian Church” on page 224 & 226) The factors contributed the division of the Christian church that they split into 2 different groups, one in and east and other in the west. The pope was the most powerful in the west and the patriarch in the east. In the west they didn’t marry the pope but in the east they allowed to marry him. Also in the icons, in the west they accepted but in the east they didn’t but later they did.

4. How did Justinian’s interests in Roman law affect European systems in the future?  (Hint: See sub-section “The Justinian Code” and on page 222) Justinian had made very good laws. Even the European used this law in the western Europe and the basis of the English civil law

5. What events and developments led to the gradual decline of the Byzantine Empire?  (Hint: See sub-section “The Decline of the Empire” on page 228) There were many events and development that led to the gradual decline...
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