A World Lit Only by Fire

Topics: Middle Ages, Renaissance, Europe Pages: 3 (1085 words) Published: September 8, 2014
A World Lit Only By Fire by William Manchester is a book about people in Western Europe from 400-1500, and how every aspect of life was changed over the next half century. In the mid 300's Rome was on its downfall when the Huns came and destroyed all civilization throughout Europe bringing them into the Medieval Era. For the next millennium Europe slowing rebuilt itself poised for kaizen in all aspects of life. This story shows the change in the "Dark Ages" from the dependence on religion to thinking in your own light, old ideas and findings were challenged and proven wrong after thousands of years, and the power of the rulers finally surpassed the power of the pope. The transition of Europe from the Medieval Times to the Renaissance included changes in the political, intellectual, and religious aspects of life.

As Europe left the Medieval Era and entered the Renaissance, its political system was undergoing a huge overhaul. All political power was practically destroyed by the Huns and the beginnings of Western Countries being divided into countries began. “Europe was ruled by a new aristocracy: the noble” (41). Men would gain a following and then make a claim to land, the bigger the following the more land was received. These land claims were bound together to create the Modern countries of Western Countries, which many hold the same boundaries today, such as England, France, and Spain. Most of these men thanked the divine power and would do whatever the church would tell them to. “By A.D. 1500 most of these sovereign dynasties were in place” (55). These countries were all united under a single man with absolute power in government known as a Monarchy (124). Most Monarchs would have total control over people's lives and in turn their people would serve them first and their religious leaders second. Hence more power was transferred to these rulers as the church was lost power. When new religions started up in Germany (Lutheranism), England (Anglican), and...
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