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The product which we have created will enter into the fashion industry, specifically the winter clothing market. It is a line of fashionable winter clothing, e.g. jackets, hats and gloves that are all internally heated and made from sustainable and environmentally friendly resources. We have named the company behind our product 'Aurora', based on the spectacular natural phenomenon that occurs in areas close to the north and south poles, which are all in cold climates. The decision to launch this product is based on three factors: fashion appeal, environmental issues and a market gap.

-The fashion appeal of these products is that, due to its technology, it negates the requirement of big bulky winter coats, therefore appearing more fashionable, especially to the younger generation who are conscious of, and like to display their figure. -The products also aim to tackle a number of environmental issues. It is to be made from sustainable material in an ethical manner. It also tackles the usage of large animal furs in cold climates, especially since many of the animals used are quickly becoming, or already are endangered. These aspects of our product will appeal greatly to people who express concern for the environment, thus giving us a boost in the market for people who purchase items that are Fair-trade and wish to avoid paying companies that produce their goods unethically and controversially. -There has been a gap identified in the market for a product of this kind. Although there are big players in the winter clothing market such as The North Face and Berghaus, neither of these corporations develop products in the ethical manner which ours are and no other company has a heating system like ours. Although there are a few companies which produce heated clothing, they all use primitive technology and are all very small and relatively unknown companies.

Designs will be similar to this, but without compromising warmth.

The technology incorporated into these products is based on and inspired by electronically-heated medical pads, the difference being that the technology we have devised is powered by virtually unnoticeable solar pads which power the heat veins efficiently without the risk of overheating and short-circuiting. The veins which provide the heat have a layout similar to that of the human circulatory system, it makes sure that heat is distributed accordingly using an appropriate amount of wiring so that specific areas of the body do not become too hot. Also, the heat veins are place in between two water-proof internal layers for comfort, and prevent uncomfortable electrical shocks should the veins ever get breached. The solar power usage removes the requirement of charging through higher voltage outlets, reducing extra expenses on the product and improving safety. This revolutionary technology is what we believe to be our trump card in the winter clothing market, a patented technology which competitors will pay to have as a feature in their products. Similar to how competitors of Sony need to pay Sony to make and sell blue-ray players as it is a technology invented by Sony.

This is the internal wiring used in a similar product

Part B

Mood Board

Cold weather, what our product is for

Fashionable, what our product is about
Climate change, what our product should protect us against (hopefully)

Cute furry animals, what our product WONT be using

A fireplace, the epitome of cosiness, comfort and warmth, sensations we all desire during the winter, sensations our product will provide Promotion

The promotional campaign for our product will span over a number of different media, including television adverts, banners in public places, the internet (YouTube/Facebook) and also celebrity endorsements.

- Television is a traditional medium for advertising and promotional campaigns. The fact it reaches a...
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