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"Our goal has never been to be the biggest, only the best." Since 1938 Paul Stuart has been the leading arbiter of taste, style, and fashion for luxury menswear in the United States.

Founded by Ralph Ostrove and named after his son, the store has dressed world leaders, dignitaries, celebrities, titans of business, and anyone who expects the highest quality clothing and superior service, for over 70 years.

All the clothing Paul Stuart stocks, both men’s and women’s, bears the unique Paul Stuart label. To create the exclusive and unique collection for its worldly, discerning and stylish patrons, Paul Stuart buyers and designers scour the globe searching for the best fabrications and the most innovative clothing designs and details. Since Paul Stuart clothing can only be found at a Paul Stuart store, of which there are only three in the United States, or online, a Paul Stuart customer stands apart from the crowd. He knows that he’s not wearing the same suit as everyone else.

In the fall of 2007, Paul Stuart launched Phineas Cole, the first new brand in the luxury clothier’s 70-year history. The Phineas Cole brand is firmly rooted in the heritage and tradition of Paul Stuart, but it offers a reinterpretation with a slimmer, more contemporary silhouette. Phineas Cole embodies an aesthetic that brings the dramatic side of Paul Stuart into sharper focus.

The Paul Stuart Point of View

Paul Stuart’s roots are in soft shoulder clothing, over the years the store and the brand have been influential in helping to redefine the American tailored look into the slimmer more international silhouettes of today. In fact, Paul Stuart has a long history of bringing innovations and new styles into American menswear. For example, Paul Stuart was the first U.S. retailer to introduce side vents and three-button suits.

While the Paul Stuart collection has evolved and transformed over time, Paul Stuart’s unique point of view on style has remained the same: A man should...
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