I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

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I never promised you a rose garden


Deborah was a 16 year old girl that lived in the US. Her father was foreign and not fully accepted by the rest of the family from her mom’s side. He wanted her to be successful, to be what he never was, and because of that, a lot of pressure was put on her. She was always different from other children, and she had been through a lot of bad and traumatic experiences, which caused her to build up a great aversion to other humans. Because of this loneliness she created at a very young age her own fantasy world to live in, not knowing it was her own creation. It was called Yr. Yr first was a home-like place where she could escape to and be happy, but after a while, it started to control her and became more like a hell for her than a happy place. That’s when she tried to commit a fake suicide, more like a scream for help. She was placed in a mental hospital and she started to talk to Dr. Fried, who’s goal was to make her mentally healthy. At first she was terribly afraid of the psycho people in the ward, but after sometime, she began to feel more and more at home, because the people there were not so different from her after all. While she and Dr. Fried tried to get to the bottom of her “sickness”, she continuously grew to get well. But while she became more mentally stable, she realized that she could never live like the people in the outside world, that they would never understand her and that she could never be one of them.

Characters’ development
-Dr. Fried
Not only Deborah’s personality changes throughout the story, her parents also grow to be more understandable and, against their will, start to accept that she is mentally not health

Themes of the book
Fear, because of Yr.
Honor, plays a big role in the family.

Symbolism / Title explanation/ Reading
I’m quite sure that the name of “Dr. Fried” refers to “Freud”, but I don’t know in what way because I don’t know...
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